Monday, May 30, 2005

more, more, more...

white iris

who, in the hell, is...

michael buble?

too much of a good thing is never not enough

white iris

perhaps more to come

your wish is my command...

white iris

more to come...


ok, here's my life...
working on portfolio (goal was to be finished by wed. HAH! well, wtf? it's a holiday weekend...all work and all...)

playing katamari damacy (japanese site) - a very odd game - simple to learn, but challenging and very addictive...the king of the cosmos - who is a very funny snarky egotistical git - drunkenally destroyed all the stars in a drunken daze. you (the wee prince) must roll this ball around earth that picks up material to remakes the stars... sounds fun...no? well, this has to be experienced to be appreciated...pc world picked it as one of the weirdest games of 2004 - very fresh - a great switch from the typical kinds of games one sees (which are v fun too, btw...other recent fave...galactic wrestling...one of the best things about getting the ps2 recently in addition to our xbox is the variety of quirky japanese games - lost in translation, indeed...

and, of course...
white iris

Sunday, May 29, 2005

do not speak unless you can improve upon the silence...

dandelion and blurry red flowers on green bg

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

interview w/a demigoddess...

kristin had a meme where she was interviewed and asked for volunteers. ever up for a challenge, i gleefully volunteered...

1) When you were a little boy, what did you want to be when you grew up and why?
there are few people surviving from when i was a little boy, and those that have either don't read this blog or are so far into their dotage, that i can make pretty much anything up. but, alas, i will be honest. when i was a little boy, i wanted to be a priest. had pseudo-masses in our kitchen. our dog, buttons (awww *sniff*, rip) would happily eat the rest of the communion hosts (either ers or bread). why? my family was very involved in our church.

in high school, i wanted to write - specifically be a journalist...

by and large i am still a little boy and i want to do pretty much what i am doing now, but get paid much more...

2) What is the wildest thing you have ever done? Do you regret it? Why or why not?
hehe - i reserve the right to be very selective here. while i am not sure what i am going to write about is the *wildest* thing i've done, it's the *wildest* thing i care to write about. also, keep in mind that *wild* for me, is not really the same as wild for, say, scott weiland. i recall (or nearly recall) a party, where i was holding court. stridently defending barney and pontificating in a way that was truly funny. i was pretty hammered. a foaf took me home - a guy and his friend (who was the relative of some south american political king pin (seriously)). well, i made it to the door of my house and decided, rather than going in, i apparently decided i'd just sleep on the porch. this is the middle of winter, mind you, wearing a very light jacket. at some point, my wife called the host of the party, who told her, i left hours ago. she looked out on the porch, and there i was. seriously, it's a wonder i didn't freeze to , or do a jimi hendrix. well, my tiny little wife, dragged me into the foyer, to sleep...and i survived, i guess

3) If you were given the chance to travel in time, where would you go and to what year in particular? Why?
hmmmm -i have many answers here....
july 1, 2005 - so i will have completed my masters...
late 40's or 50's, nyc, when bop ruled...
but my real answer would be 4 hours ago, so me and my daughter could clear the last level in star wars: lego

do y'all remember in LOST IN TRANSLATION, when bill murray talks about how wonderful it is to see your kids grow into being such great people - where, there you go...

4) Imagine that your weblog becomes wildly popular: your hit counter skyrockets, your comments are overflowing, and everyone is emailing you about everything you post. Name 3 positive things that could come of this, and 3 negative things.
hearing my own voice thrills me - a large audience would thrill me more...
perhaps sandra bullock would check me out
i'd have an opportunity to share what i care about

bad things:
i may write for my audience rather than myself...
i'd feel the need to be *interesting* 24/7
wil wheaton might link to me...

fortunately, there is only a negligible chance this will happen, so i guess i am safe!!!

5) What’s your favourite season of the year and why?
summer. duh...
a no-brainer, imho
for the reason why - listen to any beach boys record...or go down to lakeview beach - or compare it with shoveling the driveway...

6) Can you juggle?
yes, i can!!!!

now, the first 5 that ask, will get interviewed by me!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Sunday, May 15, 2005

strawberry in training

stawberry in training

Saturday, May 14, 2005

new exhibit...

i will have some photos at this exhibit.

visit it, in the unlikely event that you find yourself in lorain county

Thursday, May 12, 2005

z list

ok - here is a list of things that have had my attention for the past bit...things are very busy now (end of semester and all), and any of these items deserves a blog entry of its own. i'm not even bothering to link, as i know my sagacious readers can stfw... or ask if more details are desired. plus a stream of conscious type entry may give this a modern literary feel:

reading: free culture - lawrence lessig, nation of rebels - heath/potter, outside magazine

watching: life aquatic (2 dvd), giro d'italia, alias (arvin clone, hehe)

playing: (all xbox) star wars lego, star wars: revenge of the sith, midnight club 3:dub edition

listening: freddie hubbard and george benson (cti recordings), kraftwek (TdF soundtrack and 2004 coachella show)

apparel: layered shirts, official team zissou beanie

doing: taking photos of the world returning to life, grading, completing next to last masters class, waiting for semester to end, procrastinating

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


a friend of mine from deviantart, Dr. Christine Gan, drew a picture inspired by my pet rock. here it is, i think it is awesome. this character, as embodied by my rock and the drawing is now part of family lore!



when i was young, i thought dandelions were pretty flowers. i learned at some point that dandelions were weeds not flowers. and i think i was disappointed. now i don't care. i like them anyhow...


Monday, May 09, 2005

musical memories...

since i like to underpromise and overdeliver, here is my response to kristin's comment on this post...i've owed her some musical memories for a while

kristin's comment was:
How about I name you a song and you name me a memory connected to it? Randomly picked songs: Paradise City/Guns'n'Roses, Starman/David Bowie or Intergalactic Planetary/Beastie Boys.

so i'll do more than what was asked and give a few memories...

paradise city - ah, interesting choice - the most vivid one was a bar i hung out at in the late 80's (biggies)...this song was on the juke box and it got played several times a night - at least - a real crowd pleaser. it stayed in heavy rotation long after it fell out of general fashion - my hometown is like that. in fact, i'd bet it still gets played all the time and the same people prolly hang out there - wearing the same clothes - and to paraphrase pete townshend "and the mullets have all grown longer over night"...

the other thing i recall is a parody version - atlantic city: "take me down to atlantic city with shecky green and conway twitty" - imagine all the important things i could store in my head if i could clear out such nonsense

star man: ah, from iirc the first lp i bought - i had bought only 78's prior to that (j/k about the 78 part) - i went to sound sensations, a local record store, back when record stores were record stores - with a friend in high school...buying a record was a major act of deliberation and i picked this one - i stand by my choice even today. subsequently, the trip to sound sensations was a major event - would ride my bike. i am getting nostalgic for this even though ordering from amazon or downloading from iTunes in practical terms is much better - there isn't the sense of "the experience" that i got from going to sound sensations. that's why brick/mortar stores will continue to last - even though the take over of little shop owners by mega-chains has diminished the experience some...

other memory - the outstanding version in the life aquatic done by a great brazilain singer whose name escapes me (TLA is out on video tomorrow - i have preordered it)

intergalactic planetary: hmmm - cool tune - no real memories except perhaps taunting my wife and kids with "i'll stir fry you in my wok!"

see folks, i answer and respond to my reader(s), so if anyone else has a suggestion...


no attention span. video games killed it.

what should i write about?

Monday, May 02, 2005

purdy pictures...

look at some pictures i took

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