Tuesday, February 28, 2006

geek heaven

battlestar galactica is already the best show on tv. pure geek heaven. not content to rest on their laurels, what do they do - add xena - warrior princess


extra points for initiative...

last weeks episode was double platinum...

Monday, February 27, 2006

10 pictures of ice











Monday, February 20, 2006

what i like...

cassie johnson, fifa2006 for ds, karl pilkington, chris potter, robin eubanks podcast, danilo perez, yacht rock, the artist in this month's dwell magazine that does the birds and bugs (might have to link to him when i think of his name), jack johnson, send o'reilly to africa fund, lou reed's lyrics, the recipe for klingon vegetarian lasagna on mcsweeney's, bbc's jazz on 3 with jez nelson, steely dan's aja (prob. my favorite, or at least, most played, record ever), and, of course, CURIOUS GEORGE!

no time to link or elaborate...please google anything you find interesting in the above list - though i take no responsibility for what is returned - or ask me, if something sounds interesting

and you?...

Friday, February 10, 2006

my head...

my head hurts. since the weather here turned bad i've had sinus headaches.

in other news about my head, i think i need a cool hat. i was inspired by this cool old guy i saw in a cool hat. i don't think his hat would be appropriate for me cause i'm not that old. so i turn to you, my loyal reader(s) to make suggestions. please post your suggestions in the comments.

for some reason, these jack johnson lyrics seem about right today...

but then again, you "never know"
I hear this old story before
Where the people keep appealing for the metaphors
Don't leave much up to the imagination,
So I, wanna give this imagery back
But I know it just ain't so easy like that
So, I turn the page and read the story again
And again and again
It sure seems the same, with a diff. name
We're breaking and rebuilding
And we're growing
Always guessing

Never knowing
Shocking but we're nothing
We're just moments
We're Clever but we're clueless
We're just human
Amusing but confusing
Were trying but where is this all leading
Never Know

It all happened so much faster
Than you could say disaster
Wanna take a time lapse
And look at it backwards
From the last one
And maybe thats just the answer
That we're after
But after all
We're just a bubble in a boiling pot
Just one breath in a chain of thought
The moments just combusting
Feel certain but we'll never never know
Just seems the same
Give it a diff. name
We're beggin and we're needing
And we're trying and we're breathing

Never knowing
Shocking but we're nothing
We're just moments
We're Clever but we're clueless
We're just human
Amusing but confusing
Helping, we're building
And we're growing
Never Know

Knock knock on the door to door
Tell ya that the metaphor is better than yours
And you can either sink or swim
Things are looking pretty grim
If you dont believe in what this one feeding
Its got no feeling
So I read it again
And again and again
Just seems the same
Too many different names
Our hearts are strong our hands are weak
We'll always be competing never knowing

Never knowing
Shocking but we're nothing
We're just moments
We're Clever but we're clueless
We're just human
Amusing but confusing
But the truth is
All we got is questions
We'll Never Know
Never Know
Never Know

and, as always, the calm benevolence of johnson's voice makes it seem regardless of the above - it's all cool...

i think he might be some kind of bodhisatva in surfer's clothes - um, one that probably get a lot of chicks, if he wanted to...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

back in white

well, winter is back with a vengeance. curse, you, grondhog, vile rodent! they even closed our campus (of course, today is a short day for me, so i was already home, when they closed it...) as much as i love my job, i guess i would not cry too hard if they called a snow day tomorrow - thursdays are loooong days for me...

maybe i'll try wearing my pj's inside out

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

my favorite things...

jack johnson's sing-a-longs and lullabies for the film curious george
i'm a curious george fan from way back. i recall reading a book where he went to the hospital cause he ate a piece of a puzzle and it was comforting when i had to go to te hospital in 3rd grade. anyhow, jack johnson s the perfect musician to do the soundtrack - the only one i can think of cool enough for the job. johnson is so laid back - he immediately makes me feel better - he radiates calm and cool - perfect around the fire music - and this album is no exception - and even came with a digital coloring book

battlestar galactica

finally a show that me and my sci fi fan wife can agree upon. never watched the original - but love the new version - and starbuck is my new sci-fi girlfriend (note: for those familiar with the original only, in this one, starbuck is female) - anyhow, we finally have an undisputed champion after alias lost the crown of my favorite tv show....

ape escape 3

a video game where you have to chase down, subdue and capture a bunch of monkeys - you know i couldn't resist this one....

Monday, February 06, 2006

thought for the day

We cannot wait for beauty, we must bring it forth.
Nancy Etcoff

conversation during super bowl halftime show

my daughter: "that drummer looks like he's 60."
me: "that drummer is 60."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

believe it or not...

i had never seen the movie 2001 prior to today.

i remember trying to watch it years ago - i think i was high school - and was bored with the opening - which is understandable, given my idea of sci-fi back then was of cool aliens, and fast spaceships...

well, some time after i read the book, which i think gave perspective - watching it today, was such a moving experience. i can't even express it precisely in words. suffice it to say, the film is beautiful - and while, perhaps a bit cryptic, not as impenetrable as i was lead to believe...one of my favorites ever and i want to see it again...


i have re-activated my cafe press shop... - uh, not that it was ever de-activated - i just lost interest and didn't do anything with it...

take a look, see if there is anything you'd like...

feel free to make suggestions about any items you'd like to see - i.e. prints of photos i've posted, etc... or any other feedback re: the shop

and by all means tell your friends

to quote the temps..."ain't too proud to beg..."

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

showing my photos...

my photos being displayed at elyria united methodist village
i am currently showing some of my photos at elyria united methodist village, where my sister works...

it was great to hear all the positive comments from the staff and residents. and i already sold one! really though, although it may sound trite, it is very rewarding to have the opportunity to share my photos and see people enjoying viewing them...

"too old to rock and roll, too young to die."

that's me mr. tull - or rather mr. anderson..
david posted a link to one of the best music polls, the village voice's pazz and jop poll...

in reading it, i finally have come to the conclusion that pop music, for the most part, is not relevant to me anymore - and that's ok - i am, after all, not the target demographic...

take critical darling kanye west - well, i've heard a few of his songs - and, well, um - they're ok - but record of the year - really? is it on the level of stevie wonder? marvin gaye? will it sound as good in 30 years as those two artists...

the same can be said of many of the selections - some, though admittedly, not all, i have actually listened to...

when i say these things, several possibilities pop into my head - 1. pop music today really sucks 2. i am an old crank that sounds like the people in the fifties that blasted rock and roll - albeit, at least i am not calling it the devil's music, or buring records...yet.... 3. i simply don't get it....

i am going with #3, for a number of reasons - experience has taught me that when you come down to it, every era produces good music and bad music - probably in a constant proportion... i reject explanation 2 because really, i am not all that old (probably younger than most of the critics on the list) and really, i am open minded and a very eclectic listener of music...

so, it's gotta be 3.... which is ok - i've had a good run being a dedicated follower of fashion - it's not made for me, so why would i hope to get it - and why should i pretend to like it to seem that i am cooler, younger and hipper than i really am (i do wonder, however, if some critics votes are influenced by that desire...) christgau hints at this: "Never before has rock criticism been so into three of its ancient sins: cooler than thou, instant gratification, and what have you done for me lately." frankly i get a similar sense from many of the records on the list - good for a spin than never want to hear it again...

does this mean, i'll never listen to new bands and love them - no, ocassionally i have found and expect to find gems, but i think i'll be finding them a bit more off the beaten path - not among the most commercial, or self consciously 'alternative" or "indie"... in other words, i'll remain as hip or unhip as ever...

what do yo folks think - either of my self diagnosis or the state of pop/rock/hiphop/whatever 2005-6?

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