Sunday, May 14, 2006

what the word needs now is another...

new web app!

my latest project - started off as a goofy idea i dreamed up - but has become real...

it is a new web app that allows people to keep track of their calendar - to do list... (if you get an error access it, try again later - i just set it up this weekend and it takes time for the dns servers to propagate)

anyone interested in trying it out, send me an email...

it is, at this point, very, very basic and simple - and really hasn't been tested too thoroughly - i would appreciate any beta testers... though i assume no liability for anything that goes wrong - i plan on adding features - but the aim is to keep it simple

in addition, send me an email... if you are a ruby on rails developer and want to get involved in the maintenance of this app...


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