Tuesday, July 21, 2009

desert island record...

i recall many years ago reading a book called stranded, where a number of rock critics picked the one album they would take on a desert island with them. Taking the hypothetical situation literally, and not altering the question to pick the best album, or my favorite album, currently i would go to MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS. however, i would select BANG ON A CAN'S version. For those of you that don't know, brian eno virtually invented a genre of music - ambient - with this record. his ambient manifesto makes great reading, though i am too lazy to link to it - or indeed post any links today. essentially, eno's goal was to create music one could either pay close attention to, or simply have on in the background. he succeeded with this goal. MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS is perfect music to accompany the day's activities, yet still holds up to close listening. In addition, it sounds either heart breakingly sad, or totally calm and peaceful. all taken together, makes it perfect album to sit with on a desert island... could accompany mundanes tasks, deep contemplation and times of despair - activities, which i suspect, would take up most of my time on a desert island, as opposed to parties, etc... come to think of it, it what i spend most of my time on anyhow even though not on a desert island. BANG ON A CAN'S version with "real" instruments is a rare case of me favoring a remake to the original. The sound is richer in my humble opinion, so would give the slight nod to it over the original...


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